Discovering the Spots of (500) Days of Summer

19 Feb

So I forgot that (500) Days of Summer was filmed in Los Angeles. Now that I live here, I wanted to know immediately if a) these locations were real and b) if they were actually located in LA. Most of all, LA isn’t always the most picturesque city. But how beautiful did it look in the movie?

So this past weekend I decided to check out some of these famous landmarks. First up the Tom’s bench located at Angels Knoll. It’s a small little spot but so quaint up there.

Angels Knoll

Angels Knoll Park

Tom's Bench

A plaque commemorating the film

From the film:

Old Bank DVD

Old Bank DVD masquerades as a record store in the film.

From the film:

Bradbury Building

Here’s the iconic Bradbury Building. It is quite spectacular inside. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but the interior design is old and classic. Some of you may recognize this building from Blade Runner. But in (500), it’s the last scene where Tom goes for his job interview and meets Ms Autumn.

From the film:


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